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Gift cards – The Ideal Gifting Solution

India is a country that has more festivals than there are days in a year. While this brings a lot of joy, it also comes with the pain of buying the right gifts for your loved ones. A gift card, however, can solve that problem for you. With the Folkways Gift Cards, you can make people quite happy because the gift cards offer them the freedom to buy whatever they want from Folkways. These gift cards are prepaid shopping cards that the cardholder can use to purchase any available product in the store. At Folkways, we have a huge collection of products that can be bought using the gift voucher you present to someone. The products include home decors , Ceramic Kitchenware , Serve ware  and many more items that can turn your house into a beautiful home. The card gets the user access to all these products and makes shopping easier for them.

Benefits of a gift card

When you are buying gift cards in India, you are making sure that you are giving your loved ones the perfect gift, something that they need or love the most. You offer them that kind of flexibility. At Folkways, we have a plethora of great products. Because of that, everyone can find exactly what they are looking for. The online gift cards not only grant you the joy of giving the best gifts, but it also makes sure that the cardholder has the ultimate choice. The card amount can be spent all at once or throughout the entire validity period. They are also very safe to use. If the cardholder loses the card then they can notify the store and request them to block it. However, the gift vouchers in India can be sent via email, which makes it impossible to be lost. These cards are very easy to use, and enhance the shopping experience for the user.

A perfect gift for every occasion

One of the best aspects of the e gift cards in India as a gift is that it suits every occasion. The number of festivals celebrated in India is endless. From Diwali and Holi to Rakhi and Dussehra, they never end. Add to that the weddings and the birthdays. It is impossible to buy so many different gifts all year long and find the right one every time. You often have to buy more than one gift for a single person on different occasions. That is a huge challenge. This is where the gift card comes in. When you are buying it, you do not even have to know the gift preference of a person to make them happy. With the card as a gift, they can use the amount to shop according to their choices. You can buy the gift voucher in physical form so that you can wrap it and hand it over as a gift, or you can also email the digital card to your loved ones who live far away.

How to buy the Folkways Gift Cards

To buy Folkways Gift Cards, you have to visit the Folkways Gift Card section first. You will find two options there: ‘Buy email gift card’ and ‘Buy physical gift card’. Select your preferred option.

  • If you decide, to buy e gift cards in India then select the option. It will take you to the respective page. First, you will have to provide the personal information about the receiver, including name and email address. You then need to provide your name and a message to send with the card. Next, you have to select the value of the gift card and pay to complete the process.
  • To buy a physical gift card in India you first need to select that option. On that section, you need to provide the pin code of the receiver and check if the card can be delivered to that area. Next, you have to provide the names of the receiver, your identity information, and write a message for the receiver. Pick a gift card value and then go the payment page. Once you press the ‘Place Order’ button, you will be asked to provide the delivery address. The next step is payment.

Other gift choices

While gift vouchers in India are great gift choices, our online store does not limit your choice to only gift cards. Our sub-category products include décor and every other product that you need to decorate your home. If you do not want to use the online gift cards then you have the freedom to pick any item from the store and get it delivered as a gift.