Master the Art of Cushion Decoration

We can’t imagine a bed without a bed sheet then how can a sofa without cushions? Cushions are to give the class as well.

Choosing perfect cushions is an art to light up the decoration & interior of your home

Try these tips and make your home interiors a statement of elegance & grace. 

  • Coordination of cushions: Coordinate your cushions with the interiors of your home, it comes out as a perfect match & looks. You can go for classic cushion covers, embroidered cushion covers, etc.
  • Let your love for seasons come out: What’s about having Cushion covers according to the season? Feel the ongoing season, choose a variety of cushions- embroidered natural designs, and unique colour abstract patterns. That eye-pleasing look of your home. 
  • The number game: Decide the number of cushions as per sofa, you won’t like your space to be feeling like fully packed or empty, so the basic rule is to follow an odd number pattern, like for a 2-seater sofa go for 3 large cushions & for a 3 or 4-seater sofa, 5 cushions. 

Play between the shapes as well, choose a square shape or oval. And see what comes out!!

  • Let your imagination come out through cool prints: Flexible choices in cushion prints can give a great look & enhance the furbishing instantly, Indian heritage prints, digital exotic prints, & floral prints are perfect to create the vibe of your space.
  • Light up your rooms: The correlated set of bed sheets & cushion covers is a perfect match to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. For a master bedroom, choose classics like solid yellow, maroon, sea green velvet cushion covers, etc.
  • Styling with contrast: Contrast is a better way to add spark to things, change your neutral decor with bright colours, Add kalamkari design prints and abstract patterns. 
  • Makeover of cushion covers: It sounds so exciting you know. If you love creating art then a cushion can be your next art piece. Putting cushions in sequences with unique patterns & colours can be fun. To recreate the vibe of your room.


Give life to your home interior with cushions, cushions are the accessories of your sofa & room. Without cushions, it’s like a perfect look without jewellery. 

So check out our new collection of cushion covers, trendy, comfortable, handcrafted, digital prints & what’s not, we have everything according to your need. You just fulfill the need of your sofa & home interior.

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