Diwali Decoration Ideas with Handmade Rugs

Are you excited about this year’s Diwali? Every year it comes with so much brightness and joy and joins each other to enjoy this light festival with food, prayer, decoration, and other acts. 

Here we’ll discuss some Diwali decoration ideas with handmade rugs, and places where rugs will be suitable to elevate your interior in a completely new way.

Rugs are versatile, you can place them anywhere (depending on size)—bathroom rugs. Outdoor or room rugs are totally different in size but can enhance the decor.

But for aesthetic boho decor, use mixed fabric or jute rugs to give a more dramatic look. 

Mix colors and patterns

Every home has a different interior decoration setup yet you will find patterns and shapes in every second house. Use cotton (cloth backing) with wool mix carpet this Diwali, the exclusive colorful patterns that will enhance the overall atmosphere. We have a range of cotton and wool mix floor handmade rugs that you can explore and choose the right one.

To get an elevated yet traditional interior, add a splash of hue with the wool rugs that can contrast with your decor. Experiment with the colors this Diwali, we have a broad variety of colors (approx 500+) in rugs that can match your personality and your home as well. 

Push Your Limits

This Diwali, don’t be afraid to follow the trend or add glam to your decor which is not within your boundaries. Get an imitable yet trendsetting look with folkways, and buy unique handmade carpets from our skilled artisans. And with customized sizes make your own comfortable designer bathroom rugs, outdoor rugs, living room rugs, etc.

The Folkways wool and cotton handmade rugs are Made of 30% Cotton (Cloth Backing) + 70% Wool with intricately designed patterns of lines, flowers, etc that refine the atmosphere.

Whoever is looking for excitement in addition to the rangolis and shimmering lights, can add a viscose silk handloom rug for a luxe carpet feel. With us, you can have up to 15 feet of rug. 

We wish you a joyous Diwali! I hope these handmade rugs can help you to decide what suits your taste and decor.

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