I think there is no fixed season to wear silver jewelry, all you need is the perfect outfit and mood. In 2022, we are seeing variants of silver jewelry that are capturing girls’ / women’s hearts because of their classic and elegant designs.

The look we get from silver jewelry is so ethenic as well as bohemian with high-quality design and engraving of different patterns with shapes. Doing experiments with jewelry can make desirable silver pieces. 

Sterling Silver Choker Necklace

The choker neckpiece for women gives an elegant look to every traditional or indo-western attire. The modest piece of the silver necklace adds charm to every single outfit you wear. 

With folkways, you can explore the range of sterling silver choker necklaces and exclusive designs that can have a place on your wishlist.

Silver Layered Necklace

Silver is not as valuable as gold but its shiny jewelry pieces have been adorned by ladies for a long time. Our silver-layered necklaces with beautiful pendants are so classic and demure that you can’t resist. 

With saree and western attire, a silver layered necklace adds a power punch and enhances the complete look, and transforms the overall outfit without effort. 

Silver Earrings Studs

Why leave the silver stud earpiece when they are a perfect choice? Either for office, party, get-togethers, functions, or casual daily purposes you can wear ear studs. 

Every silver stud earring is unique and versatile. So girls if you don’t have a pair of stud earrings, it’s time to grab them. If you do, then I’m sure you want to explore some more designs with folkways.

We have a range of silver stud earrings that will not only give an aesthetic aura but enhance the overall appearance. For us, you can have silver earrings either studs or danglers.

Usually, people compare silver with the “silver spoon” as a symbol of luxury and wealth. But others think “silver is just an alternative to white gold and not so expensive”.

But it’s not true, sterling silver is used to make every type of jewelry that can look trendy and timeless. Modern jewelry designers design a combination of beauty, durability, and malleability.

Be in trend if are jewelry obsessed person with Folkways. Our motto is to provide you with an exclusive collection of new silver jewelry accessories. You can go through our website and find your taste, from silver choker set to layered necklace and stud earrings to jhumka earpiece whatever you want in silver jewelry. Our artists take care of each and every piece of silver jewelry with love and follow the trend first to give to fashion.

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