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Don’t you think adding rugs in the living room gives colorful vibes to your decor? And can elaborate any simple place into something vibrant or aesthetic.  

There is no specific time to think about renovating the home decor area to create new patterns, styles, and textures. Here we will discuss some simple yet trendy area rugs for your living room

In every place or apartment or your home, you will always find open floor space that looks dull and empty. And it’s not always about “you need the proper place and then you’ll buy readymade rugs”

Do you know what’s more interesting? That you can just measure your floor size for living room rugs and according to that you can have perfect area rugs which are handmade. We all know how exactly handmade products are beautiful and unique as well. 

We Folkways has our craftsmen “home decorators for rugs” and they are so talented in their work. All you need to do is tell us what size you prefer and in what shape (Rectangle, circle, or square). A small rug in the living room (1 foot) and a Large rug up to 14 feet, the choice can be yours. 

A small rug can be used as a door mat indoors and it will create a clean and spacious area. 

We have different types of fabric material rugs which can give your interior area a fabulous appearance. Such as Jute, the combination of fabrics, Woolen, Viscose, and Cotton with cloth backing. 

The rug’s design in cotton (cloth backing) is so contemporary and fresh. You can give a playful look to your area, especially to your kid’s room or they can be the perfect living room rug.

We have approx 1000+ colors of rugs in viscose fabric with border and without border that u can choose. Our jute rugs are handmade with smooth finishing that enhances the overall interior decor.

Open spaces can’t distribute rooms efficiently but rugs give such a drastic change and create the wall between the living room and dining area. Also gives a fine and soft texture to your hard floor that your feet can feel without any doubt. 

Your space and our custom size rugs need one place to lay down. 

There is no doubt about the goods and services of Folkways. With us, create your dream house into a real home. The luxe collection of home interior styling you can enjoy with us like customized rugs with different fabrics and other essentials too. Explore the range of beautiful home decor with Folkways.

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