2022 Top Exclusive Home Interior Design Trends


Are you a homebody? Well even if not what’s the matter?  We love to decorate our place, our home because it’s not just a piece of cement or real estate property. Our memories with loved ones lie there in every corner of it from the start to the end of

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decor ideas for festival

Home Decor Ideas for Festival – RAKSHA BANDHAN

Indians have a rich history, past, and a profusion of festivals, each with significance and deep meaning. And for celebrating we need some simple yet beautiful decor ideas for festival celebration. Festivals let us connect with our roots and build bonds with our family and culture. Raksha Bandhan is a

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Balcony Decorating Ideas

Indian Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas Work Like Magic

Most city-dwellers want private outdoor space, even with only a little balcony. Balconies are intimate and attractive spaces as warm and inviting as the rest of your home. The lack of attention paid to balconies, Indian balcony decorating designs are frequently under-explored and under-utilized. Indian balcony decor ideas are very

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monsoon theme decoration

Monsoon Theme Decoration Ideas | Home Design Tips

Like every year the monsoon season is here that will bring relief from summer. The cold breeze is coming to refresh us. After the heat of the summer, the monsoon brings us relief. The sound of rain is enough to keep the heat away. So we need to change our

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Small Scale Handicraft Industry – Challenges

Indian traditional small-scale Indian handicrafts reflect our country’s rich heritage and real culture. The artists mold their art into shapes that can be passed down through generations, carrying a legacy of their land, story, and culture. Until the beginning of 19th-century industrialization, Indian craftspeople were highly valued and honored. Small

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Coloured Glass – The Retro Trend of 2022

The coloured glass trends of 2022 are essentially a reaction to the attention-getting, out-there patterns of recent years. To put it frankly, we require some simplicity with eye-catching designs. Glass is a sophisticated and adaptable material with unlimitless application possibilities not limited to commercial use only but has entered our

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Block Printing – Know the History & Types | Folkways

In the old days when technology was just a word, people used to decorate or design their fabric with hands or wooden blocks, called block printing. The simple fabric looks good but not as much as with prints. Well, we are all love-struck with clothes. Anything that helps us look

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Explore Indian Tradition through Madhubani Painting !

India the origin of culture and tradition, has the power to mesmerize you. The decades have passed on but India preserves its arts and heritage. One of the Art forms is Madhubani Art or Mithila paintings, which are loved by people in this 20 century as well with the same

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Know About Silver Necklace – Folkways | Sitara

Necklaces are like the dress of our girl’s necks that we always wanted to decorate with silver Necklaces or earrings or gold, rubies, and other gems.  The term “necklace” refers to a piece of jewellery worn around the neck. One of the first types of adornment worn by humans may

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